20 Weeks Data Science Foundation

Master the most relevant skills that various industries require in analytics and machine learning through an intensive 20 weeks program.

This track gives you foundational skills in statistics, data wrangling, and data visualization whilst using R for Data Science. You will also learn SQL, predictive modelling and basic Machine Learning..

Graduates are capable of getting analytics roles for entry and mid level roles.

12 Week Advanced Machine Learning

This is a rigorous programme for individual looking to advance Data Science Skills. Applicants must have worked on Data Projects with skills in R.

This track will dive you into Advanced Machine Learning that includes clustering models, decision tree models, time series forecasting, as well as text mining.

After this program, individuals are capable of becoming junior Data Scientists.


Trust Us with your Data Science Career

Ours is to make sure that you not only come out with solid technical skills but also what matters to the industry and can easily gel into any organisation that understands the need for data.

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This is the best investment I've ever made.
— Livingstone Kyalo, Fellow
In my job as a manager, I can already see where I will use the skills I'm gaining from the Foundations program.
— Anthony Mukundi, Fellow
I can't wait to implement the skills I'll gain at my place of work.
— Tabitha Nungari, Fellow


Focusing On What Matters Most

Fixing the disconnect between what the current education offers and what the Industry needs.

Our curriculum has been designed by industry experts for fellows to acquire data skills relevant to the 21st Century work place.

We have a pool of Industry experts working on game changing projects at global and local organisations as part of our chain of mentors.

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